Doddie'5 Tartan

Designed in collaboration with Doddie Weir and in support of the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation, buy the Doddie'5 Tartan Collection and raise funds to aid research into Motor Neurone Disease.

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About the Doddie'5 Tartan Collection

Our association with the legend that is Doddie Weir is a long and personal one stretching far back beyond us making the tartan suits he is so famous for. The idea of a “Doddie tartan” has been one mooted for several years and our in-house designer Emily was delighted when Doddie finally said “Let’s do it” and the serious business of colour and sett design could begin. By purchasing items from the Doddie'5 Tartan Collection you will be supporting Doddie’s quest to raise funds to aid research into Motor Neurone Disease and help those affected.

About Doddie Weir & the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation

Doddie Weir is one of Scottish rugby’s most loved personalities with his strong sense of fun and a proven track record of success for country, club and nation. In June 2017 before heading out to support the British Lions in New Zealand, Doddie revealed he suffered from Motor Neurone Disease (MND). MND is a rare, and as yet incurable, condition that deeply affects the brain and nerves. Doddie founded the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation committed to helping fellow sufferers, raise funds to aid research and make a difference to the lives of those coping and battling with MND.

Doddie5 Tartan

About the Doddie'5 Tartan

The stunning Doddie'5 Tartan Collection has been designed by ScotlandShop to support the My Name’5 Doddie Foundation. It features blue and white patriotic tones to represent the colours of Scotland, Doddie’s home nation, and black and yellow bold tones to represent Melrose RFC, the first amateur senior team Doddie played for, and the black and white for Newcastle Falcons.

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