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ScotlandShop Wedding Inspiration For Her

What Do Women Wear To A Scottish Wedding?

Whether you are going to a Scottish wedding as a bride, bridesmaid or guest, we have all of the essentials to ensure you are fully prepared for a wedding in Scotland.

Women’s Wedding Outfit Inspiration

Much like the Scottish groom’s traditional fly plaid, the bride and bridesmaids at a Scottish wedding will typically wear a tartan sash or shawl in the same tartan as the groom’s kilt. Have your tartan sash or shawl made to order or choose the fabric to create it yourself. Similarly brides will often surprise their grooms with matching tartan shoes at the wedding. They make the perfect post-wedding accessory to dress up your jeans! Finish your look with a traditional tartan garter and tartan corsage - it's the small details that make all the difference.

Wedding Guest Outfits For Women

Going to a Scottish wedding as a guest and not sure how to add a tartan flair? Scotland is a country of tradition and timeless elegance. Why not opt for a full-length or A-line tartan skirt, finished with a bespoke tartan top - the fuller and longer the skirt the more fun you’ll have at the ceilidh! Or choose a classic and simple outfit - a red skirt and elegant blouse with tartan touches. Accessorise your look with complementary tartan shoes and a matching tartan handbag for authentic caledonian couture.

Women’s Scottish Wedding Accessories

With so many tartan accessories, it's easy to keep your colour scheme and theme consistent throughout your wedding. A tartan stole or tartan wrap is the ideal way to keep warm during wedding photos or an outdoor break from the evening ceilidh, whilst tartan brooches add a small Scottish touch to all wedding outfits. Both tartan stoles and tartan brooches make elegant gifts for bridesmaids and flower girls, giving them a lasting reminder of your special day. The Pride of Scotland collection is a particularly popular choice.

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