Scottish Wedding Inspiration For Him

Discover Traditional Scottish Wedding Attire For Men

Wedding Inspiration For Him

What Do Men Wear To A Scottish Wedding?

Whether you are going to a Scottish wedding as a groom, usher or guest, we have all of the essentials to ensure you are properly suited and booted for a wedding in Scotland.

Men’s Wedding Outfit Inspiration

The most traditional Scottish wedding outfit for men is of course the kilt. This unique knee-length garment is a staple of Scotland’s national dress and a common sight at Scottish weddings. Made from wool tartan fabric, kilts are crafted in a wide variety of tartans. Typically a groom, usher or guest at a Scottish wedding will wear a kilt in the tartan of their clan, or in a colour that will fit the theme of the wedding. Accompany your kilt with an Argyll or Prince Charlie jacket and a fly plaid for full Scottish splendour.

Wedding Guest Outfits For Men

Male guests at a Scottish wedding will often wear full Highland dress in the form of a kilt outfit. However a full Scottish wedding kilt outfit can be a daunting prospect for men who aren’t used to Highland dress. For gentlemen who would like to celebrate in Scottish style and add a tartan twist to their outfit, a tartan or tweed suit is often the perfect Scottish wedding attire for guests. Add a single or double breasted waistcoat, and a morning coat with tails for an extra touch of formality.

Men’s Scottish Wedding Accessories

Both full Highland dress kilt outfits and tartan or tweed suits may be accompanied by a variety of traditional tartan wedding accessories. Tartan ties, cumberbunds and braces make for a distinguished look, whilst tartan cufflinks and Scottish kilt pins add an important finishing touch. For full Highland dress, Scottish wedding outfit essentials include kilt socks or hose and flashes, a sporran and a sgian dubh. Ghillie brogues are the most traditional Scottish wedding shoes for men. However if you are looking for a unique twist on a traditional classic, tartan boots may be the perfect fit.

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