Scottish Wedding Gifts

We all want to give something extra special to the bride and groom so have created a unique range of Scottish wedding gifts available in any tartan.

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Scottish Wedding Gifts Inspiration

Wedding gifts can be one of the more difficult parts of attending a wedding, so here are some ideas for giving your friends or family something special, or more traditional, for their Scottish affair. 

Scottish Wedding Couple

Scottish Wedding Gifts

We all want to give something extra special to the bride and groom on their wedding day. From traditional items to modern pieces, there are a number of gift ideas which channel Scottish heritage and customs.

Traditional Wedding Gifts

A “wedding sark” is a shirt given to the groom from the bride. It is to be worn with a kilt. In exchange the groom usually pays for the wedding dress. A smaller token of affection is a luckenbooth brooch. Usually made of silver, this trinket is traditionally given as a token of love from the groom to his soon to be wife, and it is still a popular part of weddings today. Historically gifts have also been given by the best man and the maid of honour - the best man traditionally giving a clock and the maid of honour a tea set.

Modern Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts tend to vary from couple to couple. They are usually based on the couple's lifestyle and can be informed by the bride and groom in the form of a gift registry or alternative request. As many couples tend to live together before they get married these days, there is less demand for those “household items” that were needed many years ago when couples didn’t move in together until marriage. This is why registries are so useful now, as you then don’t end up with 5 mixers and a pile of bath towels. What, then, do you get a couple who has all the essentials they need? Many might give money or gift vouchers - but why not give them something a bit more unique?

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Tartan Wedding Gifts

Inject a bit of Scottish charm into the happy couple's lives with an array of beautiful tartan and tweed home accessories. From a couple of cushions to a cosy oversized throw, these soft touches can instantly transform a house into a home. If the couple has Scottish heritage, take it one step further and personalise the items in their family tartan. The pieces will add a beautiful burst of colour to their home and they will have a special keepsake that reminds them not only of their heritage but of their big day.

Tartan Dreams Gifts

Not many things are nicer than climbing into a big comfy bed at the end of a long day. Treat the newlyweds to a dreamy set of tartan bedlinen complete with a duvet cover and pillowcases. Bedding can be an often forgotten part of the home but when you consider that the average person spends about a third of their lives sleeping, a married couple deserves a stylish and comfortable place to retire at the end of a day. We can even have throws and cushions embroidered with the couple’s names and the date of their wedding for that added personal touch.

Wedding Gifts For Her

It can be hard to choose a gift that suits both the bride and groom, especially if you perhaps know one of the couple more than the other. Practical gifts are always welcome for newlyweds but something more elegant never goes amiss. Scarves and stoles, in a variety of luxurious fabrics such as cashmere and lambswool, are a classy and useful gift, especially with the unpredictable weather in the United Kingdom. In a variety of tartans and tweeds, personalise these accessories according to the bride or groom’s heritage, or simply choose a design that “goes with everything.” Add a charming brooch for a regal, sophisticated touch that brings the look together.

Wedding Gifts For Him

Similar to the bride, a soft cashmere or Scottish lambswool scarf as a his & her gift would give a nod to the groom's Scottish heritage and offer a classy look for the new couple. If he is Scottish, a kilt pin or set of Scottish cufflinks could be a welcomed addition to his accessories collection. If he enjoys the odd tipple here and there, a hip flask gift set would be perfect. Include a bottle of his (or hers) favourite whisky to make it instantly enjoyable.

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