Scottish Wedding Inspiration

Scottish Wedding Inspiration

Find The Perfect Place To Bring Your Scottish Wedding Dreams To Life

Scottish Wedding Inspiration

Magic Matrimonial Moments

With luscious glens, glistening lochs and historic castles, Scottish weddings are what fairytales are made of. The exchange of a luckenbooth (a token of love) or clan tartans (otherwise known as sashing) and the handfasting ceremony are just a few Scottish traditions that continue today.

Scottish Wedding Locations

In Scotland you can get married almost anywhere so long as there is a registered officiant conducting the ceremony and the area is not compromised for any reason. This means that white sandy beaches, gardens, castles and mountain summits are all options. Traditionally the most sought after Scottish wedding location is the historic town of Gretna Green.

Scottish Castle Weddings

What could make you feel more like royalty on your big day than getting married in a fairy tale castle? Scotland is full of castles of many sizes and varying levels of luxury. The grounds provide a stunning backdrop for photos and can be used as the ceremony site if you’re looking for an outdoor option. If you are planning a religious ceremony, many castles have chapels on the grounds. Some may even have rooms available for your guests to stay.

Scottish Outdoor Weddings

Scotland’s unpredictable (and often unfavourable weather) can make outdoor weddings difficult. So long as you are prepared for the elements, Scottish outdoor weddings can be a beautiful choice. Endless breathtaking scenery can provide the perfect backdrop for your big day, though it is well worth having a backup plan just in case the weather prevails - even a well anchored marquee can save the day.

Scottish Church Weddings

A church or cathedral wedding is the most traditional choice of all. Scotland boasts ample grand cathedrals and intimate churches, though you must go via the local registrar beforehand to legally be allowed to marry. Many couples choose to have their ceremonies in a church or cathedral, with the reception and dance in a nearby location.

Tailor your special day by making your Scottish wedding as simple or elaborate as you wish. Rustic charm can be achieved by decorating a barn with candles and fairy lights, and given a Scottish twist by trimming the cake with ribbon and swathing the tables in tartan. Visit out Pinterest Scottish Wedding Inspiration board for more ideas.

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