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Scottish Tartan Ribbon

How To Use Scottish Tartan Ribbon At Your Wedding

Scottish Tartan Ribbon

Enhance Your Wedding With Tartan Ribbon

From traditional bouquets to exquisite displays and accessories, there are many ways to incorporate tartan ribbon into your decor.

Scottish Wedding Flowers

A simple yet beautiful way to add a Scottish touch to your bouquet is to secure it with an eye-catching tartan ribbon. For an additional flourish you can incorporate Scottish flora. If you have a full bouquet you can include the ubiquitous thistle. This spiky, purple plant is Scotland’s national flower and a popular choice for weddings, however heather is also highly favoured and has a variety of colour options - both are world-famous symbols of Scotland. It was the Victorians who started the tradition of including a sprig of heather in Scottish wedding flowers to bring good luck.

Scottish Wedding Buttonholes

The groom, his groomsmen and many male wedding guests will wear a buttonhole - a floral accessory pinned to their jacket to mark the importance of the occasion. Scottish wedding traditions often include wearing the national dress and using indigenous flowers, meaning that buttonholes, like bouquets, often include thistles or heather. Buttonholes are typically finished off with tartan ribbon. Bridesmaids may wear a corsage - a small floral arrangement slightly larger than a buttonhole chosen to complement the lady’s outfit. A corsage can be worn near the lapel area of a dress, top or jacket - but it can also be worn on the wrist, attached by ribbon. A tartan trim makes for a nice Scottish touch to a floral arrangement. A fabric corsage or brooch is a contemporary alternative.

Scottish Wedding Accessories

Most bridesmaids and flower girls carry flowers at a wedding. Older children and adult bridesmaids are likely to have a ‘traditional’ bouquet, while younger children might carry a small bunch of flowers called a posy. Convenient options for forgetful or fidgety little ones are floral pomanders or wands, which have a ribbon to make carrying them easier. Tartan hair accessories are a common sight at Scottish weddings, including tartan alice bands adorned with real flowers, or tartan fabric flowers attached to hair clips or slides. Wired ribbon can be used to create a statement flower hair bow.

Scottish Wedding Decorations

Scottish flora, tartan fabric and ribbon can all enhance a venue and add so much to your Scottish-themed wedding. For example, if you want your cake to take pride of place, your florist will be able to craft a beautiful cake topper with a natural, Scottish floral twist and the tiers can then be trimmed in tartan. You can use Scottish wedding flowers to great effect throughout centrepieces, which will be complemented beautifully by the tartan table cloths, runners, napkins and tableware. Why not experiment with a thistle themed centrepiece, finished with tartan ribbon, or try adorning your crisp white napkins with a fresh Scottish flower, secured with a contrasting ribbon.

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