Kilt Outfits & Kilt Jackets for Weddings

Nothing is smarter for a wedding than a traditional highlander kilt outfit.

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Scottish Wedding Kilts & Outfits Inspiration

Scotland’s distinctive highland dress is instantly recognisable and very popular with casual and formal options.

Scottish Wedding Kilt Outfit

What is a Scottish Kilt?

Considered the signature item of Scotland's national dress, the kilt is a knee-length garment which wraps around the lower part of the body. Made from generous amounts of wool tartan fabric, the kilt has a distinctive look. It features pleats at the back, an overlapping flat front with fringed sides, as well as straps and buckles for fastening. The unique ways in which a kilt is designed, made, worn and accessorised clearly distinguish it from a skirt. It is traditionally made to fit a man’s frame and is typically a male garment.

Made to Measure Scottish Kilts

Kiltmaking is a craft. It is easy to spot a well-made, well-fitted kilt. Kilts are at their best when they are tailor-made to fit and reflect the tartan of your heritage, clan (family) or personal taste.

Though they are largely made from the same design pattern, the style of kilts varies greatly. With so many fabrics to choose from, kilts can be made to look formal or informal, bold or subtle, and so can perfectly suit the wearer’s individual style or occasion.

Types of Kilt Jacket

A pure wool kilt jacket sets off the full Highland Dress ensemble beautifully. The magnificent Prince Charlie jacket is non-fastening and elaborate, with ornate buttons and satin lapels. It should be worn with a black satin or tartan wing collar bow tie and is best suited for formal and evening events. An alternative kilt jacket is the Argyll. It is a more informal option and is made from 100% wool. Though it has a button fastening, there are far fewer buttons decorating the piece overall.

Tartan Argyll Jacket

Scottish Wedding Kilt Outfit

Full traditional Scottish Highland Dress is very popular at weddings in Scotland and across the globe. The full finery is a sight to behold and regularly includes a number of garments and accoutrements, including: kilt, jacket, fly plaid, waistcoat, shirt, tie, kilt pin, sporran (small pouch), shoes, socks, flashes, sgian-dubh (a small dagger), cufflinks and a belt complete with traditional buckle.

What is a Fly Plaid?

A fly plaid is made from the same fabric as the kilt. It is draped over the left shoulder and pinned with a brooch. It was historically used as a shawl or hood in bad weather - and even as a camping blanket.

A fly plaid might be added for a very formal occasion. Whereas a casual kilt outfit might see the jacket, waistcoat, shirt and tie replaced by an open-necked, collared top known as a Ghillie or Jacobite shirt. A chunky argyll sweater also gives a rugged Scottish look.

How to Put on a Full Kilt Outfit
  • Put on your shirt, cufflinks and tie.

  • Put on your socks (hose) and garters/flashes to hold them up. The top of your socks should sit above your calf but below your knee.

  • Your sgian-dubh (small knife) should be inserted into the top of the sock on your right leg (for right-handed men).

  • Put on your shoes. Usually Scottish kilt shoes have long laces that can be tied over the socks in a distinctive manner.

  • The kilt comes next. It should have a reassuring fit around the waist and the hem should come to the top of the kneecap. Adjust your shirt so it is tucked in neatly and comfortably.

  • The belt should be added and the kilt pin worn on the front apron to add weight. Do not attach both kilt aprons together with the pin. The position of the kilt pin is very important. It should be worn on the right side of the kilt, about 4 inches from the bottom hem and 2 inches from the fringe.

  • The sporran strap should be fed through the loops at the back of the kilt and its chains attached to rings at the back. The height of the sporran can be adjusted and it should be be worn high, centred to the front of the kilt, 3 fingers or a hand's breadth below the waist belt buckle.

  • Lastly, the waistcoat (if wearing one), jacket and buttonhole complete the outfit.

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