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From a full length floaty Scottish a-line to a traditional tartan kilted skirt to a cheeky little tartan mini kilt or mini skirt we will custom make any design in any tartan. In a rush? We have lots of stock options too. 

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Tartan skirt inspiration

Embrace the Highland lifestyle with a timeless tartan skirt. This wardrobe staple will take you comfortably from home to the office and beyond. 

Woman's Tartan Skirt

Is a Tartan Skirt Just a Kilt?

Though any kilt without a sporran may be considered a skirt, there are a number of differences which separate the two. Thanks to a kilt's deep pleats, the amount of fabric used in its construction is much greater. Its wrap-around style and adjustable buckles also make it quite distinguishable. Without these key features, a Scottish tartan skirt is just that - a tartan skirt.

Tartan skirts work well with warm autumnal colours and complementary woollen fabrics. For the authentic Highland style, try pairing a red tartan skirt with a simple black cashmere sweater and cosy tartan scarf, with a thick winter coat to keep out the chill. Or try this classic combination in classic autumnal hues - plum, amber or olive.

How To Wear a Tartan Pencil Skirt

For a classic look, a slim tartan pencil skirt works very well with a pair of heels and a plain roll neck or sweater. For added sophistication pair it with a jacket or blouse. For optimal elegance, ensure that the hem of your tartan pencil skirt sits at the smallest part of your leg, just above the knee. A good fit is also key - the material should always be smooth and not too tight. Opt for a high waist to lengthen the appearance of your legs, or choose a bold pattern to achieve the classic hourglass shape.

How To Wear a Tartan A-Line Skirt

The classic a-line skirt offers a flattering fit that looks good on everybody and never goes out of style. Muted grey tweeds and tartans offer timeless elegance and work well with a sweater in similar hues. Pair with leather accessories to bring an edge to classic femininity. Or add a pop of colour with bold prints and over-sized sunglasses for a contemporary twist. Your tartan a-line skirt should sit neatly around your waist, skim over your hips and flare out just below your knee.

How To Wear a Tartan Hostess Skirt

A full-length, over-the-knee tartan skirt is often called a hostess skirt and is traditionally worn at formal events. To achieve the epitome of glamour we recommend a long fluted tartan skirt which follows the curve of the legs more than the straighter style hostess skirt.

Woman's Tartan Skirt

What to Wear with a Tartan Skirt

For an everyday preppy style, pair a neutral tweed skirt with a classic breton stripe top. Or try a nautically coloured tartan skirt with a white shirt, accessorised with a tan satchel and loafers. Take the preppy look one step further with colourful sweaters, knee-high socks and brogues.

Give your workwear a tartan twist with a knee-length tartan wool skirt (pencil, a-line and pleated all work well) and smart blazer or jacket, finished with stiletto pumps. Tuck a pale shirt into your tartan skirt for a casual 'about town' look and pair with a basket shopper - perfect for running errands.

How To Wear a Tartan Mini Skirt

A shorter mini skirt or mini kilt in tartan fabric offers a contemporary look. The variety of fabric finishes and weights available make tartan mini skirts a lighter option for summer and a warmer look for winter. Pair your tartan mini skirt with a tucked in shirt or sweater and ankle boots.

How To Wear a Tartan Pleated Skirt

From the flapper skirts of the 1920s to the retro skirts of the swinging 60s, pleats have always been in vogue. Recent times have seen longer calf or ankle length pleated skirts on 70s inspired runways, paired with brightly coloured knitwear and eye-catching accessories for a haute couture feel.

Of course the most iconic pleated skirt is the tartan kilt. Traditionally designed with a high waist and generous fabric to emphasise movement, contemporary kilts are available in a variety of styles and colours. A feminine tartan mini-skirt boasts the same features with a freer fit.

How To Wear a Tartan Skater Skirt

The most modern of all the tartan skirt looks is the tartan skater skirt. Designed with a highly flattering cut, this skirt is the perfect base from which to showcase your style. Pair your tartan skater skirt with leather accessories and vintage clothing for a truly unique style.

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